The Commuter’s Friend

commuters-friendI’ve collected together some of my favourite work.

There are some really short stories, aka flash fiction, and some longer pieces that will hopefully while away a longer journey and help you to forget about that bloke sitting across from you who keeps sniffing every thirty seconds, or the person who has a really annoying ‘message received’ tone on his or her mobile.

There is a mix of genres, some are sinister and creepy, some are sad and sentimental, some tongue-in-cheek, some are life-writing, some are chick-lit. Some of these stories are actually extracts from my blog, for example, The Preppers Guide for Writers and The Day It Rained, comments about life as I see it, or short life writing pieces such as Big Knickers and Brisbane. Some, like Leaving Shardlow were true stories inspired by newspaper reports—yes really!

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